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The Perfect Gift

It's the thought that counts. And with our professional staff at FrameMaster, your ideas can become great gifts with beautiful frames, shadowboxes, mats and the clever innovations that we can do with all three!

At FrameMaster, we love framing, but most of all we enjoy giving your art or memorabilia a unique character all its own.

Do you have a handful of tiny photographs of a friend or loved one that you want to turn into a collage, but you don't know exactly how to do it? Our computerized mat cutter gives our artists the freedom to let you be as creative as you want to be in your presentation, giving you the opportunity to give that unique gift.

Plus, objets d'art don't have to sit on a shelf or on the mantel. Instead, with deep frames and creative matting, they are highlighted in great ways. So don't let your boss sit that great statue you gave him on his desk where it can get lost in the clutter of his office! Instead, have it mounted and framed.

Someone who is fantastic deserves something fantastic from you, so let FrameMaster help you give the perfect gift. Call us today at (307) 637-4121 ... you can either come to our frame shop or we'll come to your home or office for an onsite design service.


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